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Embedding Web Archives with

A key goal of is to make embedding web archives into other sites as easily as possible, as easy as it is to embed PDFs, for example. provides the <replay-web-page> HTML tag to support embedding.

Embedding requires just two parts, loading the frontend ui and the backend service worker.

For example, to embed a web archive stored on s3 at s3://webrecorder-builds/warcs/netpreserve-twitter.warc (shorthand for:, you can first add the following snippet to your HTML page:


<script src=""></script>
<replay-web-page source="s3://webrecorder-builds/warcs/netpreserve-twitter.warc"

This will load the frontend UI.

Since requires a service worker, it is necessary to add a service worker path from where the web archive will be served. Create a subdirectory (eg. replay/) and place the following one-line script



Thus, if the HTML snippet was added to then the sw.js should be added such that it is at:

That’s it! Loading should now load the web archive.

(Be sure to add sizes to the <replay-web-page> tag as needed to size the embed).

You can replace s3://webrecorder-builds/warcs/netpreserve-twitter.warc with any web archive hosted on your site, eg.

If the file is loaded from a different origin, your site must have CORS access to download the web archive.


Note that the above example uses the paths as:


Another alternative would be:


These URLs point to a specific version of software released on NPM, eg. 1.0.0, meaning that your replay should stay stable, even if is updated.

You can choose another of (or even try different versions) to ensure that you have the best available replay.

This addresses the potential issue of older sites breaking when web archive replay software is updated.

For production use, it is advised against linking to the latest version, eg. and as these will be updated frequently and make break your embed.