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Exploring Archived Content

The homepage lists an index of all your loaded archived items. Items are searchable by their title or source, and can be filtered by the date they were loaded or their title.'s sidebar is the fastest way of finding content within an archived item. It features several tabs that allow information to be accessed:


The pages view lists all the webpages stored within the archived item.

Searching For Pages

Pages can be searched for by their title, URLs, or extracted text if available. will load pre-generated full-text search data when loading WACZ files, and will also attempt to generate full-text index from HTML files contained in WARC files upon loading a WARC.

See an example of searching for pages containing "WARC".


The resources view displays all the content within a loaded archived item, listed by URL and media type. For many archived items with no page or curatorial metadata available, this is the best way to explore the archived contents.

This view is available for all archives that only store raw data.

See an example of searching for image resources.

Searching For Resources

Page resources can only be searched by URL. Searches can be performed by exact URL, by URL prefix, or by searching for any string contained in the URL.

The URL Prefix option is best for searching large archives that require on-demand loading. The Contains option will not find any URLs that have not yet been loaded.


The story view presents lists of curated pages and a description of their significance, as specified by the creator of the web archive. This option is only shown if there is a curated story. As curated lists are not a standardized part of the WARC format, only WARCs exported from Conifer can be configured to use this option.