Supported Location URLs

ReplayWeb.Page uses URLs to uniquely identify web archives.

In addition HTTP/S, the system supports loading from additional cloud providers and via peer-to-peer decentralized services. The goal is to support loading web archives from any source a web browser can connect to.

The following is a list of currently supported URL schemes and details below:

Scheme Status
https:// Supported
http:// Supported
file:// Supported
s3:// Supported
googledrive:// Supported
ipfs:// Supported
hyper:// Planned


While can load from any URL, a site must allow access by enabling CORS for the web archive. HTTP URLs may not be accessible from since it requires HTTPS.

If you need to provide access to web archives stored on your own domain or over HTTP, consider deploying a copy on your server. See: Running your Own.

Local Files

Local files selected via the UI file chooser, and will be given a file:// URL. Unlike other web archive URLs, file URLs can not be shared with others.

Amazon S3

The s3:// URL scheme is provided as a convenience to reference S3 URLs. The URL is converted to an HTTPS URL for access. The S3 Bucket must be public and also provide access to via CORS. Downloading via S3 credentials is not currently supported.

Google Drive

The googledrive:// URL scheme is used when accessing a web archive shared over Google Drive. It provides a unique identifier provided via Google Drive. When accessing a Google Drive URL, the user will be asked to authenticate to be able to access the file.


Help Wanted

The ipfs:// URL scheme is provide as a convenience and resolves to using the Cloudflare IPFS Gateway to download archives from IPFS. A better implementation with IPFS directly is also possible.


Help Wanted

Support for hyper:// is planned to allow true peer-to-peer transfer of web archives.