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Welcome to the documentation! These docs contain the following sections:

  • User Guide — Introduction and reference for using to view archived web content.
  • Embedding Docs — Information on integrating and embedding as a web archive viewer into existing web sites.

What is is an open-source, browser-based viewer that loads and renders static web archive files. It functions as a serverless (client side) replay tool that doesn't require a server to coordinate what archived content should be retrieved from a large central repository. It allows web archives to be hosted on any regular web server and viewed in any modern browser.

Key Features

  • High-fidelity replay of archived items in several formats.
  • Page search and URL search.
  • Full text search support for archived items that include extracted text.
  • On-demand, incremental loading of large files.
  • Several options for fully-functional offline usage, including a standalone desktop app with Flash support.
  • Support for embedding archived items directly into your website!

Archives, Repositories, and Other Projects Using allows web archives seamlessly integrate into existing web sites, be it repositories, collections, or other archiving services.

Below are a few of the integrations we know of that use

  • — Web archiving service offered by Harvard's Library Innovation Lab.
  • GhostArchive — Free Web Archiving Service
  • The Feminist Institute — Websites archived to document and celebrate feminist contributions to culture.
  • CineFiles — Film-related web archive ephemera collected by the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.
  • Stanford Digital Publication Web Archives — Archives of Stanford University Press Digital Publications.
  • — Final year grad show websites from the now defunct York / Sheridan design program.

If you know of any additional sites that you'd like us to include here, let us know by writing to info [at]