What is this document?

Welcome to this instructional guide on how to use Webrecorder’s for “replaying” your web archives in WARC, CDX, and WACZ formats (you can check out our supported formats for more information).

What is is an open-source, browser-based viewer that loads web archive files provided by the user and renders them for replay in the browser.

It functions as a serverless (client-side) web archive replay tool.

Archives can be loaded as static files from anywhere a browser can connect to, or from a user’s local machine. provides the following features:

  • High-Fidelity replay of web archives in several formats and from various locations directly in the browser.
  • Several ways to explore web archives: story view, page search and URL search.
  • On-demand, incremental loading of large archives.
  • Several options for fully-functional offline usage.
  • Available as a standalone desktop app with Flash support.
  • Support for versioned embedding of web archives.

Check it out on our GitHub repo